Native Advertising Webinar Reply – How to Get Started with Native ads in 2021

Hi everyone! Revenue Tactics co-founder Tom sat down with ClickBank for their first-ever “What’s Working Now” Campfire Segment. This is part of ClickBank’s Spark Program – their official education platform.

Tom is a platinum affiliate at ClickBank, meaning he’s among the very top affiliate marketers on the entire platform. To put that in perspective, we’re talking about a company that’s generated over $4 billion in sales. It’s quite an achievement, and I’m very proud of Tom for all the hustle he puts in. My nickname for him is actually Mr. Hustle!

ClickBank has been around for a long time! I (David) got my start there by publishing my PPV Playbook ebook. The ebook took off, which lead to the Aff Playbook Forum where Tom and I met, and the rest is history. We both love ClickBank and highly recommend working with them!

In this interview, you’ll hear about why native ads are so effective, and why they’re a much better alternative to Facebook ads. There was a big shakeup this year with more and more people leaving Facebook. Due in part to some changes on the platform, and their indiscriminate approach to banning accounts.

Thankfully, native advertising doesn’t have any of those issues. It’s like a breath of fresh air for people tired of the endless account ban cycle. That’s not even the biggest thing native traffic has going for it. What makes native advertising so attractive, is the sheer volume of traffic available.

If you’re interested in learning more about native advertising, you can check out our extensive Native Ads Master Class.


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