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Absolutely! Our courses are specially designed to be suitable for beginner and advanced affiliates, alike, with their progressive structures. Many of our successful students who have taken our courses started with no experience, so your level of experience before getting started with us is not necessarily and indicator of success.

If you’re serious about this business, remember everyone has to start from somewhere, so best to take action and begin your education as soon as you can!

100% YES! Tom and the other mentors at Revenue Tactics have all generating revenues in excess of 7 figures (each) with affiliate marketing, and teach you the exact strategies they are currently using.

However, your success will be largely determined by how closely you follow the information and how hard you’re willing to work to be successful. Therefore, we can’t guarantee your results, as ultimately can’t push you across the line…

Generally, we see two types of students in our programs:

They enroll in our training, and put in a little effort, but don’t see results as fast as they think they should, so they lose interest and quit after a few weeks. These students usually have the idea they should be making money within a certain timeframe. If they aren’t, they usually don’t keep going.

The second type of student, also takes the same training, learns and practices the techniques behind each module, and sticks with it until they are successful. A big reason these students succeed is that they aren’t focused on ‘when’ they will start making money, they instead focus on the fact they are going to make money at some point if they keep going.

We hope you’ll be the second type of student!

With things moving on so fast in the internet space, we understand the importance of our information being fully up to date. Therefore, we offer a lifetimes updates with our courses, meaning that, our courses are updated indefinitely!

The beauty of this business is that you can control how much time and money that you want to put into it. Not all of our students are full time affiliates! Some prefer to do just 30 mins to an hour a day of work, whereas others want to do more and accelerate their income faster.

The same applies with money. Some students prefer to start with a smaller budget for paid traffic and test more slowly, other individuals are more comfortable investing much more for faster results.

Also keep in mind that we have courses to suit all types of budgets, across both free and paid traffic sources!

Whatever traffic source you choose, our online courses are designed for you to work through at your own pace, whether that be consuming all the content over 3 days or 3 months.

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Definitely! A lot of our students perfer to go “straight to the source” and dive into mentorship before taking one of our courses. 

Every student is unique and has different requirements, so we don’t feel there is necessarily a best way, however. Some students still prefer to take one of our digital courses, then upgrade to our 1 on 1 mentorship aftrewards.

If you would like to explore coaching, you can apply here.

When we started our affiliate marketing journey (once upon a time!) we were frustrated by the lack of quality education in the affiliate space, or courses that promised the earth, delivered nothing, except a ton of upsells… sound familiar?

Being one of the most successful and public affiliates in the space, Tom was quite clear that he wanted to build a platform he was proud to put his name to; a resource that had an unrivalled level of content quality and was truly a “one stop” education service for affiliates.

Since launching Revenue Tactics, our courses have been publicly endorsed by 8 and 9 figure companies such as Clickbank, MaxBounty & Codewise (Voluum), just to name a few!

You have lifetime access to any courses you purchase! These will always be kept fully up to date as well, as the industry continues to evolve.

We have a refund policy for our digital training courses which you can read here

You can purchase any of our online training courses via our courses page

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